Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is a marauder's vehicle captured by the Compound and later driven by Papagallo in the final chase of The Road Warrior.

The origin

Max lone wolf

Promo/behind the scenes photo of Max and The Lone Wolf machine.

Early version of the script called for a vehicle as fast as Lord Humungus' and Max's vehicles. Its name "The Lone Wolf Machine" is a reference to lone scavengers roaming the Wastelands in home-made vehicles (as explained in the Preamble[1]).  It was also meant to be driven by Max himself in the final chase to catch up with Wez speeding off into the distance in Humungus' vehicle, but the whole chase sequence was dramatically changed and Max never got to drive The Lone Wolf.[2] The only remnants of the early script chase sequence seem to be promotional shots and the opening and closing shot of Max standing next to this vehicle.

Technical spec.

The Lone Wolf machine is a custom vehicle, built from scratch. Originally referred to as "Max's assault car" in the preliminary list of vehicles[3] it was meant to be a 'show vehicle' built by 'Speed the Mechanic'. 

The Lone Wolf being built.

It is equipped with two Ford 351 engines.Only the front, turbocharged engine drives the vehicle. The rear, supercharged engine is installed backwards and not connected to anything. The vehicle is also equipped with two truck fuel tanks, rightfully so due to massive fuel consumption. It is a single seater with an open canopy, lacking any doors. The vehicle is capable of carrying a passenger, either sitting on a fuel tank or standing behind the driver seat. Cast & crew members whom had driven this vehicle regarded it as very heavy and difficult to handle.

Appearances on screen

The Lone Wolf machine was originally the marauders vehicle, but after a failed attack on the Compound this vehicle was captured, fixed and driven by Pappagallo in the final chase scene.


The Lone Wolf on the set of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

The production team for the third installment of Mad Max re-acquired this vehicle and modified it heavily. A closed canopy was added, along with fenders, air filter, methane tank and piping of sorts. All of which was meant to give the impression of running on methane and adapted to harsh desert-like environment alongside fitting into the rest of the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome vehicles. Being heavily disguised, this vehicle was given very little screen time, usually hidden way in the background just in case.

Appearances off screen

After the filming of The Road Warrior, the vehicle was displayed at the "Village Grand Prix" go-cart place at Blacktown in Sydney's west.[4]


Right after The Road Warrior, displayed at "Village Grand Prix" go-kart place at Blacktown, south of Sydney.

After the filming of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome the vehicle was put on display at The Melbourne Motor Show in 1985. Unfortunately the vehicle was destroyed. 

On display at the Melbourne Motor Show in 1985