The Mechanic
The Mechanic
Chief Mechanic of Oil Refinery
Molotov Cocktail
Portrayed By
Steve J. Spears
The last of the V8 Interceptors... a piece of history! ... Would've been a shame to blow it up.

– The Mechanic

The Mechanic was a trustworthy vehicular mechanic in Pappagallo's tribe. He was portrayed by Steve J. Spears in Mad Max 2.


The Mechanic was a masterful mechanic and has an in-depth knowledge of the vehicles that roam the wasteland. He easily recognizes Max's Ford Falcon as being "the last of the V8 interceptors". It is possible that, like Barry, he was, or knew, an MFP mechanic.

The mechanic was on the big rig during the escape from the refinery. During the escape he dropped on a molotov cocktail, lighting his legs on fire, he put out the fire. However, when the warrior woman went to help him, she was shot with three bolts from a car mounted crossbow and fell into the barb wire along the side of the tanker. The mechanic went to pull her back on board the tanker, but a marauder managed to pull the warrior woman and the mechanic over the side to their deaths.