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Be careful! Protect the assets!

– The People Eater

The People Eater is the mayor of Gas Town and a supporting antagonist in Mad Max: Fury Road and the prequel Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. He is portrayed by John Howard.



Before becoming The People Eater, he was a banker.[1] He first encountered Colonel Joe Moore's band before the aquifer was discovered. The People Eater narrowly escaped a bloody rampage from ex-MFP officers (including Roop and Charlie) and ran straight into Joe Moore's gang. He was spared his life in exchange for revealing the location of the aquifer, in what later was known as The Citadel. He was quickly assimilated into the gang: in barely three days, he wasn't a prisoner anymore, but a leader and advisor, and after Joe's triumphant Battle of the Citadel, he became the third warlord of the wasteland, in charge of The Gas Town.[2]

Appearance on screen[]

Prior to taking control of Gas Town, the People Eater served directly as a both an advisor and military strategist for Immortan Joe at the Citadel. He is present when Dementus first arrives at the Citadel and attempts to lay claim to it. Bemused by the pathetic attempt, he along with Immortan Joe don't even both to watch as Dementus and his Biker Horde are easily driven away by the War Boys.

The People Eater is one of Immortan Joe's allies and assists him in pursuing Imperator Furiosa and the Wives. His vehicle of choice is a modified limousine. During the final battle, the People Eater kills Valkyrie by running her over, but his vehicle is hijacked by Max Rockatansky. After being overpowered, the People Eater is gunned down by Joe when Max uses him as a human shield.

Appearance and personality[]

The People Eater is a degenerate businessman of the Wasteland. He is an obese man wearing a business suit and handcuff-shaped pincers on his nipples, which protrude through holes cut in his suit jacket. He is riddled with diseases; he wears a metal nose cap to cover his nose that's rotten from leprosy. His right foot is heavily bound and swollen, rendering him incapable of walking or entering vehicles without assistance. He also wears a gas mask catheter.

His attire and behavior strongly suggest sexual deviation, he takes pleasure in killing and pain. He is no stranger to cannibalism and gluttony which is the cause of his obesity - a rare sight in the Wasteland. He is the reckoner, human calculator, a self proclaimed businessman of the Wasteland, constantly keeping track of his deficit. His vehicle is a limousine which doubles as a mobile oil refining rig. Flashy and larger than life, it accurately represents The People Eater's attitude towards money and aesthetics.

The People Eater's relationship with Immortan Joe and The Bullet Farmer reveals that he is in fact not very close with either of them. He does not refer to them as "brothers" and his focus seems to lie first on his own resources.

The People Eater commands an army of The Gas Town, with his vehicular fleet consisting of Pole Cats and Flamers.