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See, nothing can escape, the Humungus rules the wasteland.

– The Toadie

The Toadie was a member of Lord Humungus' marauders. He was portrayed by Max Phipps in Mad Max 2.


The Toadie's role whilst in Humungus' service was to act as "gang crier", introducing Humungus to new audiences. He holds Humungus' many titles, and is proud to be the one to announce Humungus' accomplishments. Although the Toadie comes across as quite jovial, he is somewhat sheepish, lacks the respect of his fellow gang, and appears to lack many practical skills; feeling the need to show off in front of his other gang members.

This eventually results in the loss of several of his fingers while attempting to catch the sharpened boomerang thrown by the feral kid, much to the enjoyment of other members of his gang.

He is ultimately killed when he unknowingly activates the booby trap attached to the fuel tanks of the V8 Interceptor.


According to George Miller, Toadie was the 'voice' element of Humungus' gang (Humungus being the 'brain' and Wez being 'the muscle').