The Thunderdome weapons were weapons used in the gladiatorial arena known as Thunderdome.


The weapons available were to be used in hand-to-hand combat; there were no firearms available in Thunderdome. It was advised that as soon as the match started, the best course of action was to head for the weapons. If a combatant could reach the weapon (many were in hard to reach places) they were free to use it to gain an advantage in the battle.

During Max Rockatansky's fight in Thunderdome there were four weapons to choose from: a chainsaw, a spiked mace, a metal sledge hammer and a Chinese guan-dao spear. Each weapon had its advantages and disadvantages. For example, although the chainsaw could have inflicted tremendous damage, it had only enough fuel for a few seconds of use. The metal sledge hammer served as a powerful two-handed weapon, though was heavy; though, the spiked mace could be wielded as a lightweight equivalent. The guan-dao, a Chinese bladed-pole weapon, was particularly sharp, and was capable of cutting the Thunderdome's suspension ropes, though required some knowledge of its use.


The range of weapons that were featured in the Thunderdome give us with an idea of what hand-held weapons might be available in the wasteland. With ammunition for firearms increasingly scarce, the adoption of hand-held weapons like maces, hammers and blades could well have become common.