Hunted by the toecutter

Hunted by the Toecutter

Toecutter's gang, also known as The Acolytes, were a motorcycle gang that terrorized Highway 9, sector 26 following the destabilization of civilization. They were led by the psychotic Toecutter and often were engaged in road wars with the Main Force Patrol.

The gang met their end by the hands of Max Rockatansky.


Toecutter's gang preys on jessie

Toecutter's gang preying upon a mother and child

Many of the gang members acted (or in fact were) psychotic, striking fear and uncertainty into all they came across. Some were more contemplative in their madness such as Toecutter, Bubba Zanetti and Cundalini, whilst others like Diabando, Starbuck and Mudguts acted more like rabid animals. However, collectively they were all known thieves, murderers and rapists.

List of Members