Well, unless someone makes a claim for it, I figure it's lost property.

– Ziggy (regarding Cundalini's severed hand)

Ziggy was a local sheriff whose jurisdiction encompassed May Swaisey's farm. located somewhere along Highway 9, sector 26. He was portrayed by Jerry Day in Mad Max.

Original script

In the original script there was no character called "Ziggy". Instead there was the character of The Dark One - Max's driving partner who had a gruesome accident as described by Goose in Fat Nancy's diner. The Dark One's name is even on Max's Pursuit vehicle.

After Jessie discovered Cundalini's hand still attached to the car, Max and Jessie would've met up with The Dark One on May Swaisey's farm. The Dark One would've been wearing a plastic nose, most likely the aftermath of the accident Goose was describing earlier. The Dark One would handle the Cundalini's hand situation over the phone just like in the movie.

However at a certain point during production, George Miller had decided to cut out the character of The Dark One from the movie. All references to The Dark One were cut from Goose's story and when Max arrived at May Swaisey's farm, he met up with a character called "Ziggy" - who was essentially The Dark One under a different name.

After Jessie runs back from the beach Max tells May Swaisey to call "The Dark One" regardless, and that is the only clear reference to the existence of The Dark One in Mad Max. This would mean that Ziggy and The Dark One are two different characters, but in the original script, they were both one and the same.